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Tell Your State Lawmakers to Endorse the Women's Health Protection Act

Since 2011, extremist politicians have passed more than 200 state measures that interfere with the very personal decisions that should belong to women and families. That’s why leaders across the country are endorsing the Women’s Health Protection Act. Tell your state lawmakers to join them and take a stand.

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The Women's Health Protection Act

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For too long, reproductive rights in this country have been chipped away by extremist lawmakers who think nothing of putting political ideology above women's health, rights, and safety. Since 2011, state legislatures have passed nearly 200 restrictions that interfere with a woman's personal decisions about her health and future.

It's time to reverse the trend. We need a federal law that puts women's health first. That's why Oklahoma State Senator Constance Johnson, North Dakota State Representative Gail Mooney, Texas State Representative Jessica Farrar, and Wisconsin State Representative Chris Taylor are all endorsing the Women's Health Protection Act. Now they're calling on lawmakers all across the country like you to join them. You can take action here:

We need a federal law that puts women's health and rights first. As your constituent, I am calling on you to stand up for my rights and join your colleagues in Oklahoma, North Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin and urge Congress to pass and President Obama to sign the Women's Health Protection Act.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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