Protect Health and Safety in Louisiana

The Louisiana Senate is about to pass a bill that could ultimately shut down clinics across the state, leaving Louisiana women and families without access to essential health care services. Tell your state senator to stop playing politics with your health and safety and vote AGAINST the dangerous admitting privileges bill.


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Vote NO on HB 388 proposed admitting privilege requirements

Dear  State Senator,

I strongly urge you to vote against HB 388, a bill that is designed to prevent safe, reputable abortion providers from being able to provide care by requiring them to obtain hospital admitting privileges. These hospital privileges are medically unnecessary and not required of other health care providers who perform similar medical procedures.

HB 388 is a direct threat to women's health and safety. It could close safe and reputable abortion providers, and you don't improve women's health and safety by denying them access to abortion. Please vote AGAINST HB 388.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
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