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Tell Members of Congress to Co-Sponsor the #ActForWomen

Champions of reproductive rights in Congress have reintroduced the Women's Health Protection Act—historic legislation that aims to end the relentless attacks on women's essential reproductive health by extremist politicians. We need you to take action today. Tell Congress that it MUST support this Act.


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Co-Sponsor the Women's Health Protection Act

Dear [Member of Congress],

Your colleagues in Congress have reintroduced essential legislation that will ensure the right to access safe, legal abortion services: the Women's Health Protection Act. I urge you to sign on as a co-sponsor and to be an outspoken champion of reproductive rights in the days and months to come.

Please co-sponsor the Women's Health Protection Act. And please stand up to any attempts in Congress to limit women's access to our constitutionally protected rights to abortion care.

I urge you to speak out about this important legislation on January 22, the 42nd anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade.

Thanks for your time and consideration,
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