Tell Ambassador Power: #WomensHealthMatters in the Post-2015 Agenda

It’s 2015. But across much of the world, women still don’t receive the reproductive health care they want and need. 

Of all the United Nation’s development goals for 2015, the least progress has been made in improving maternal health. 300,000 women still die each year from pregnancy complications—even though most maternal deaths are completely preventable. And at least 200 million women who want contraception are not able to get it.

To promote real change, US leadership is needed to ensure that sexual and reproductive health is not only prioritized in the UN’s post-2015 agenda, but that effective monitoring and accountability measures are put in place to track progress.

Join us in calling on the US Ambassador to the UN to encourage world leaders to take a meaningful stand for women’s health and human rights.


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Please take action for women's health and human rights in the post-2015 development agenda

Honorable  Ambassador Power,

I am writing to you on the International Day of Action for Women's Health to ask that you take action for women's health and human rights. Specifically, I am asking the United States to support transparency and accountability in monitoring progress towards achieving the post-2015 agenda.

Each year, millions of women senselessly suffer because they are denied access to information and lifesaving health services including contraception, emergency obstetric care and safe abortion services. Access to modern contraception and safe abortion are key to eliminating discrimination against women health care settings, one of the leading determinants of poor health outcomes. This not only affects the lives of individuals- it has a direct impact on the well being of families, communities, and entire nations.

With world leaders poised to set the future of global development policies, they have a unique opportunity to prioritize the rights and health of women and girls, specifically their sexual and reproductive health and rights, and to create accountability mechanisms that hold governments to their promises.

On this day of action, I hope you will take a stand and help ensure that women's health and human rights remain central to the post-2015 agenda.

We thank you for your attention to this matter,
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