Tell Kenya's Ministry of Health to Crack Down on Rogue Providers

Recently, a man in Kenya posing as a gynecologist was caught sedating and raping women in a fake clinic. It’s just the latest example of the appalling crimes perpetrated by phony health care providers, thanks to lax government oversight. Join the Center for Reproductive Rights and FIDA Kenya in saying: enough is enough. Add your name to tell Kenya’s Ministry of Health to crack down on dangerous illegal health care providers today.


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Urgent: Please put illegal health care providers permanently out of business.

Minister Nicholas Muraguri:

We are writing to express our grave concern about the widespread problem of health care providers operating illegally throughout Kenya. The recent case of "Doctor" Mugo Wairimu, the unlicensed medical practitioner caught sedating and raping his patients, lays bare the need for the Ministry of Health to increase its oversight of the provision of medical services in the country. We call on you to expose and arrest unlicensed health care providers and permanently shut down health facilities operating illegally. We also call on you to provide compensation to victims of families that have suffered human rights abuses as a result of unregulated health care delivery.

Poor oversight of medical professionals and facilities caused a recent spate of human rights violations, including the death of two babies in Elgeyo-Marakwet County who were given measles vaccines by a housekeeper allowed to operate as a medical professional; the paralysis of more than 20 children in Busia County after improperly administered malaria shots; and the horrific sexual assaults of women seeking care in Mugo Wairimu's illegal clinics in Nairobi. These are just a few examples of the inadequate regulation of medical care in Kenya that's putting patients' health and safety at grave risk.

The Ministry of Health has a responsibility to facilitate quality medical care for all Kenyans, therefore we call on you to: arrest unlicensed health care providers; make public the names of all health facilities and providers known to be operating illegally in Kenya; ensure illegal facilities are closed and remain closed; and provide compensation to families who suffered from human rights abuses detailed above in Elgeyo-Marakwet, Busia and Nairobi.

We implore you to put an end to the horrific abuses at the hands of "quacks," so that Kenyans can fully realize their constitutional right to the highest attainable standard of health.

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