Ask Chile's President to Help Rape Survivors Access Safe, Legal Abortion

Women in Chile have no safe or legal way to end a pregnancy—even in cases of rape. Right now, Chile’s Congress can help change that, but they’ve been delaying a vote for months. Politics has trumped women’s health for far too long. Add your name today to ask President Bachelet to do everything in her power to push this crucial bill forward in Congress.

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Please Help Rape Survivors Access Safe, Legal Abortion Care

Honorable President Michelle Bachelet,

We thank you for courageously supporting the health and rights of Chilean women. By introducing the Therapeutic Abortion Law in early 2015, you provided strong leadership on an issue fundamental to women's reproductive freedom.

However, over a year after you introduced this historic bill, there is still no concrete progress for women seeking safe and legal abortion services. Congress has delayed voting to lift the archaic ban time and again, leaving women's health, lives and human dignity hanging in the balance.

At this time, we respectfully call on you to do everything in your power to bring this bill to a vote in Congress, and stand behind all three vital exceptions to the abortion ban. Women who are brutally raped or sexually assaulted are counting on you to ensure that if they do become pregnant against their will, they will not have to face the added trauma of ending their pregnancy illegally.

We ask that you continue to fight tooth and nail until this bill becomes law. We're behind you every step of the way.