Tell Gov. Fallin to veto OK S 1552

Tell Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin to veto the total abortion ban bill headed to her desk this month. If it passes, women could be prosecuted for self-abortion. Abortion providers could lose their licenses—or even be thrown in jail. Abortion is not a crime—it’s a right. Tell Gov. Fallin to VETO the bill.

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Veto S 1552

Dear Governor Fallin,

I'm writing to urge you to veto OK S 1552--the bill that would ban abortion in Oklahoma.

If this law takes effect, Oklahoma would be the first state in America to criminalize abortion since Roe v. Wade. You would be putting countless women of reproductive age at risk. And, because S 1552 is clearly unconstitutional, you'd be opening up your state to yet another costly lawsuit against the stream of abortion restrictions passed by the state legislature.

Your state has had to go to court to defend eight abortion restrictions in the past five years alone. I urge you to veto the restrictions under S 1552.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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