Tell Gov. Ducey to sign SB 1112 into law

The Arizona legislature has passed a measure which would repeal several restrictions on medication abortion. Urge Gov. Doug Ducey to sign this bill and put an end to Arizona’s most recent assaults on women’s health.

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Sign SB 1112 into law

Dear Governor Ducey,

Today, the Arizona legislature passed SB 1112, a measure which essentially invalidates many of the state's most recent attempts to restrict access to medication abortion - a safe method of ending an early pregnancy that women in the United States have been using for nearly two decades.

I urge you to sign this measure into law. Furthermore, I hope that you continue to move in this positive direction for policies affecting women's reproductive health.

I urge you to sign SB 1112 into law, and finally put an end to Arizona's most recent assaults on women's reproductive health care.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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