Free Teresa: Demand justice for Salvadoran woman in jail for miscarriage

Teresa sought emergency medical care after a miscarriage. At the hospital, she was accused of having an abortion, then charged with “aggravated homicide.” Now, four years into her 40-year sentence, she’s still being denied treatment for a painful kidney infection. If left untreated, she could die—leaving her 10-year-old son without a mother.

Right now, a judge is reviewing her case. Add your name to urge him to uphold justice and protect Teresa’s human rights in his decision.

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Re: Uphold justice and protect the human rights of Marķa Teresa Rivera

Honorable Martin Rogel Zepeda,

We are writing to express our deep concern about the situation of Marķa Teresa Rivera, who was unjustly sentenced to 40 years in prison for "aggravated homicide" following an obstetric emergency. Like 14 other Salvadoran women currently being deprived of liberty, Marķa Teresa sought medical care during a pregnancy-related health emergency, and without any supporting evidence, was swiftly convicted of murder.

We ask that during your review of Marķa Teresa's case you take into account the miscarriage of justice in her case, the discrimination she faced as a poor woman, and the special urgency presented by her critical health status. We respectfully ask that you take advantage of this unique opportunity to provide justice for Marķa Teresa and uphold her fundamental human rights to health and bodily integrity, equality before the law and non-discrimination, freedom from gender-based violence, and judicial protection in your decision.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,
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