Protect the human rights of women and girls everywhere

Give todayNirmala is one of the millions of women and girls whose fundamental rights are violated every day. That’s why world leaders came together in 2015 and promised to end child marriage and eliminate gender-based violence—as a part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To make these goals a reality, governments must be held responsible for their commitments. Join us in calling on all UN Member states to match their bold promises with robust plans for progress—in order to protect people, especially women and girls.

This is a joint petition with Amnesty International.

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Protect the human rights of women and girls everywhere

To UN Member States,

To succeed in lifting billions out of poverty, I believe all governments--from the wealthiest to the poorest--must be held responsible to their people and the global community for their commitments under the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They must match their bold promises to "leave no one behind" with real progress by:

Providing the entire spectrum of sexual and reproductive health care services, information and education-- including safe abortion and birth control methods--so that all women and girls can make choices about their sexuality and the number, timing and spacing of their children free from force;

Creating clear country level targets to measure progress on reducing maternal death and injury, and providing the full range of sexual and reproductive health care information and services--with a special focus on vulnerable groups;

Taking steps to eliminate early and forced marriage and other harmful practices, and to tackle gender-based violence and discrimination;

Building effective and meaningful ways to monitor progress, including through national reviews carried out at least once every four years. This process should address the concerns of those affected, especially marginalised and vulnerable communities, correcting setbacks along the way;

Participating in global level evaluations, including the High level Political Forum and the UN human rights reviews.

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