Your gift today will be put to work immediately protecting vulnerable youth

Your gift today will provide youth with food, shelter, mental health support, life skills training, and so much more. Your gift will help more youth build brighter futures for themselves.

Covenant House Vancouver exists, now more than ever, to support young people experiencing homelessness and to provide them with a source of relentless support, unconditional love, and absolute respect. Your generosity provides food, shelter, and medical attention for some of the most vulnerable in our community.

Covenant House's Street Outreach team helps kids aged 16 to 24 who are living, or at risk of living, on Vancouver’s streets. Finding kids in crisis, the team builds trusting relationships with street youth by meeting them where they are and by being a consistent, supportive presence in their lives. Travelling on foot, we offer food, minor medical attention and friendship, and we invite them to come to our Drop-In program for a hot meal or help to get back on their feet. Street life is brutally dangerous for vulnerable youth, and when we find kids in crisis, our team is trained to connect them with psychiatrists, medical professionals and social workers, or to bring them to our Crisis Program for safety and support.

Many young people age out of the foster care system at 19 with nowhere to go. Many also run away from home thinking, “it can’t get any worse.” All too soon they learn it can. The Outreach Team makes sure kids know they aren’t alone and that there are trustworthy people who want to help.

Once a youth starts accessing our services, our Social Workers provide youth-focused, coordinated and all-encompassing services to youth. Covenant House Vancouver takes a Trauma-Informed approach to caring for our young people. Trauma-Informed Care involves understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma. It also emphasizes physical, psychological, and emotional safety, and helps youth rebuild a sense of control and empowerment.

Our Social Workers seek to focus and build upon the unique gifts and strengths that our young people possess.

Your gift today allows us to continue helping those in need - giving them the space and encouragement to grow and thrive - towards a hope-filled future. With your support, we will be here to:

  • Give warm, nutritious food
  • Provide a safe sanctuary space
  • Offer medical attention and support
  • And much more

Thank you for providing love and hope to homeless young people in Vancouver.

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Your gift today will give hope to homeless and at-risk youth. Thank you for your support!

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