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Twoonies for Teens

Hi, it’s me Andrew

I believe a house is just a building. A home has people who can’t wait to hear about your day, they lift you up when you are sad and share your happiness when good things happen. They offer support when you need it and stand back when you are ready. I was in and out of foster care from the time I was a baby, so I lived in many houses, but I never had a home.


 When I was five, I was standing outside of the kindergarten class waiting for the bell to ring. I watched a lady hug this little group of kids and I saw how happy they were. I watched every morning after that and in bed at night I wondered why everyone belonged to someone -but me. One morning, I went over and asked that lady if she was their mom. She said no she was their daycare lady. I asked if I could have a hug too. That hug changed my life. On the last day of kindergarten, that lady became my Mom and I finally got to go home.


In June I will graduate from high school. “They” said I had too many disabilities, issues and challenges for that to happen. If it wasn’t for that one moment, that hug, they would have been right. I know without a doubt I would have ended up on the street instead of walking across the stage with my family in the audience cheering loudly.


Covenant House, which should be called Covenant Home, gives homeless and at-risk youth the opportunity to belong and the support to succeed. Everyone deserves a chance to become the best version of themselves. It is my passion to give back and this Christmas I am asking you to help me. Your donation will change lives and your amazing gift will be triple matched until Dec 31st to help even more.


Thank you so very much, Andrew



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