Education Ends Poverty

I learned the secret to fighting poverty and human trafficking on my very first trip to Africa. I didn’t realize it at the time because the “story” that I saw was about lack of food, dirty water, sexual violence, and HIV/AIDS.

That story traps millions of children, and needs to change. What is the best way to change a story? To provide hope? To deliver protection? To secure a future?


Progress: 51%
Progress: 51%
Raised: $ 51135     Goal: $ 100000

“It’s education, stupid,” I realized later. It was so obvious.  But I couldn’t see past the lack of food and water. I only saw the physical things I could fix quickly.  I saw wells and feeding programs and safe housing. I knew education was important, but that would come later.

Friends, education must come now. I am convinced that it is THE primary tool to protect a child from violence and poverty.

I did not easily see that children are 40-50% of all trafficked and exploited persons. I did know that 46% of girls in the world’s poorest countries have no access to primary education. I thought going to school was about learning, I did not know that school would:

    • Delay a girl’s first sexual encounter until her 20s (vs. teens).
    • Cut HIV-infection rates in half.
    • Decrease the chances of a child being trafficked.

I did not know that the most powerful tool to prevent sex trafficking was education.

We have 5,642 kids in Africa, India, and Guatemala who are waiting for the opportunity to go to school. You can protect them from poverty and trafficking by providing one year of education $90.00.


Gugu didn’t have $90.00 to help a child. She spent each day watching young girls—some of them 12 and 13—look for men to pay them for sex. A widow herself, it broke her heart to watch these young girls trapped in this situation. She asked them, “What can I do to make you stop this?”

“Give us a school,” they said. “If we do not learn, we are worth nothing.”

The very next day, Gugu started a school underneath a large tree in the village. The girls came to classes to learn, and to reclaim their futures.

Gugu is a hero to many—a saint even. She gave far more than $90.00, she gave her life to make sure that children would be protected from sexual violence AND experience the hope and future God intended for them.

I want you to join HopeChest and Gugu in this important work. A gift of $90 provides a uniform, supplies, and one year of school fees.  Your gift of $90.00 changes the story for a child. Here’s how:

First, you’ll give them a uniform. Sounds boring, right? Well, a uniform instills a sense of pride and worth. In most developing countries children are not valued like they are here. Uniforms communicate to the local community that the child is protected—watched over—and so the incidence of abuse can drop.

Second, you’ll give them supplies like books, pens, pencils, and paper. You’ll equip them with the tools to succeed in their learning. Those simple possessions also change a child’s viewpoint of themselves. Instead of working like a slave for pennies, they are given the tools to do another more important job—pursue their educational potential.

Third, you’ll give them a seat in a classroom for an entire year. Sadly, most developing countries have barriers to primary education—such as school fees or report card fees—that prevent poor families from sending their kids to school. This forces many families to send their children to work, instead of school. By providing for a child’s education, you demolish this obstacle and remove the need for child labor.


When you add it all up, that $90.00 goes a long way. I invite you to make a gift of $90.00 to provide a uniform, supplies, and a seat in class for a year. Please use the enclosed card to return your gift, and select the country where you would like to support a child.

Thank you again for extending the blessing of your family to help change the story for orphans around the world.

For the Fatherless,

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Tom Davis

            P.S. Gifts of any size will help provide uniforms, supplies, and school fees for orphans in our program. $90 will cover a whole year for one student, but we invite you to give as you are able. Thank you!

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