Partner With The Mayflower Church As They Permanently Settle In Midland TX

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"Is the Mayflower Church a hero? No. Only God is a hero. God is the God who does miraculous things alone. Mayflower Church has the presence of God. Mayflower Church sailed for three years and six months from October 2019, through Korea, Thailand and finally reached the United States on Good Friday 2023....All this is the wonderful and mighty work of our hero: God. We thank God for His wonderful and mighty favor. We experience the wonderful and mighty works of God as did our predecessors on the Mayflower in 1620.... [Pastor Pan - April 7th 2023, Texas].

Make an immediate gift below to support the Mayflower Church as they adjust to life in the United States and permanently settle in Midland Texas, free from the threat of persecution from the Chinese Communist Party!

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