Li Baiguang Religious Freedom Defense Fund

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Dr. Li Baiguang was stalwart human rights lawyer who worked to expose corruption and defend the rights of citizens across all of China before his untimely death on Feb. 26, 2018. Despite his previous record of good health, Dr. Li was declared dead after checking into a Chinese hospital under mysterious circumstances, and after years of facing death threats from Communist Party members for his work.


In order to honor the legacy of Dr. Li's work, ChinaAid uses the Li Baiguang Religious Freedom Defense Fund to support lawyers and legal advocates in their fight against China's corrupt justice system. The legal teams supported by this fund are those who defend house church members and democracy advocates detained on false charges or imprisoned for subversion. For prisoners of conscience in China, having quick access to professional and trustworthy lawyers can be the difference between freedom or a life in prison.


Truth and justice are of the utmost importance, and your gift provides the means to secure the best defense possible for victims of religious freedom and human rights abuses. Much like Dr. Li, these defenders face pressure from authorities simply for being involved in these controversial cases themselves, but they understand the risks and choose to face them despite the dangers.


Thank you for your support!




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ChinaAid is accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and has a Gold rating from Guide Star, where detailed financial information can be viewed.

ChinaAid is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. All contributions to ChinaAid are tax deductible and are under the control of ChinaAid to be used to further its mission.

To make a gift by mail, send your check payable to ChinaAid to PO Box 8513, Midland, TX 79708. To make a gift by phone, call 432-689-6985.

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