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Tell US Congress to vote NO on Save Our Seas 2.0 and YES on the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act!

Plastic litter on the beachTell your representatives to vote NO on the Save Our Seas 2.0 Act, which only proposes half measures and false solutions, and does nothing to reduce the use of plastic.

To truly address the plastic problem, we need robust legislation that turns off the tap on plastic production and holds plastic producers accountable for their pollution.

Urge your representative to support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act. This landmark legislation aims to address plastic pollution at the root source: production.

Unlike Save Our Seas 2.0, the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act will:

  • Require plastic producers — not consumers — to take responsibility for their pollution, 
  • Create a nationwide beverage container refund program, 
  • Ban certain single-use plastic products, 
  • Enact national recycling targets, 
  • Implement a temporary moratorium on building new plastic production plants, and 
  • Prohibit the export of plastic waste to developing countries.

Plastic pollution is accelerating the climate crisis, harming our health, and threatening our rights. We don’t have time for false solutions. We need legislation that allows us to #BreakFreeFromPlastic pollution once and for all.


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