Justice for Topacio!

Take action now to urge accountability for attacks against environmental defenders in Guatemala.

It's been three years since 16-year-old environmental activist and youth organizer Topacio Reynoso Pacheco was shot and killed. Alex, Topacio’s father, was seriously injured in the attack, and survived a second violent assault in October 2015. Both father and daughter were activists in the Organized Civil Society of Mataquesquintla, which is mobilized in resistance to Tahoe Resources’ Escobal silver mine. Topacio’s family is still waiting for justice.

The failure to fully investigate these crimes condones these acts and encourages their repetition and escalation. Alex and his lawyers believe that the only way the public prosecutor will move this case forward is if there is massive public pressure, right now. Sign the petition asking the Guatemalan Public Prosecutor’s office to expedite a full and impartial investigation into Topacio's murder and the attacks against her father Alex, and to provide the resources necessary to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The Reynoso Pacheco family deserves justice for the crimes committed against them, and accountability for these crimes will deter future intimidation of environmental and land defenders.

Topacio Reynoso Pacheco Memorial Credit: MISN


Justice for Topacio

Dear Special Prosecutor Hilda Pineda,

I call on the Special Prosecutor's Office on Human Rights to:

Expedite a full and impartial investigation into the murder of Topacio Reynoso Pacheco and the attacks against Alex Reynoso;

Provide the necessary resources for the appropriate investigative institutions to carry out their work; and

Open an investigation into the irregularities that occurred while the case was under investigation by the National Civil Police and the District Public Prosecutor's office of Jalapa.


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