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Voice for the People (V4P) is a network of organizations and individuals dedicated to the idea that globalization can and must support local communities and encourage democracy. At V4P, we believe in the power of people to create a better world. People power is responsible for forging our most vital social gains and cherished institutions—from abolition, women’s suffrage and civil rights to the weekend, minimum wages and protections for our air, water and public health. And at each step we have faced opposition from interests that benefit from our disempowerment. Today we confront a new menace to our effort to organize for a more just and sustainable world—corporate nationhood.


Corporate nationhood allows multinational corporations to sue sovereign governments for unlimited sums of taxpayer money in offshore courts when government actions negatively affect a corporation’s bottom line. For example, our demand for a clean energy future and rejection the Keystone XL pipeline is being challenged by the multinational corporation that proposed the pipeline—TransCanada. In TransCanada Corp. v the United States of America, the American people’s victory in denying the pipeline is now in jeopardy. TransCanada is demanding $15 billion from the American people because, in their own words, “the activists strateg worked.”

Your donation to V4P is an investment in the future of people power. We protect the public space necessary for the power of people to flourish—to make sure the “activist’s strategy” can continue to work. Your support will help us support and grow a movement that stands up for people of all nations to organize by challenging corporate nationhood for humanity’s sake.

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