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Lurie Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is home to the region’s most advanced services for the care of critically ill or premature newborns. Your support will ensure that our tiniest patients receive compassionate, personal care from day one.




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Tiny pacifier
Nurses know that a calm, comfortable baby heals faster and goes home sooner. Help promote healing and growing for a critically-ill child by providing a tiny pacifier specially designed for a premature infant.


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Comfort doll
The Snoedel, or "NICU doll" is used to comfort hospitalized babies that are required to be physically separated from their parents. After "wearing" the blanket doll, parents place it in the incubator with baby, soothing their child through nature's most powerful aromatherapy - their mother or father's scent.


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Books for parent/baby library
Give parents the opportunity to read to their infant by supporting the NICU's sharing library. Many babies are too fragile to be held. The library's books give parents other ways to bond with their child by reading to them or describing characters or pictures in a story.


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Scrapbooking materials for NICU families
Just like baby books might help new parents remember and celebrate moments in their child's life, scrapbooks for parents of infants in our NICU help them experience and remember milestones in their journey. The process can also help parents find some respite and a creative outlet for expression during a challenging time.


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NICU comfort plan
To help equip families for the reality of life at home with a fragile newborn, child life therapists and NICU nurses work with families to create a unique comfort plan. In addition to books, comfort toys and blankets, the NICU team provides resources from practical medical guidance to training in integrative medicine practices.


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Honor your caregiver (NICU)
Pay tribute to a special doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional who made a difference in your hospital stay or visit. Your contribution will be directed to your honoree's specific area of greatest need. Honored caregivers will receive a custom lapel pin to wear proudly.


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Happiest Baby on the Block materials
Imagine a parent's anxiety if their baby is coming home with complex medical equipment, monitors or special needs. To help our parents feel more comfortable, our caregivers teach methods from the nationally-recognized Happiest Baby on the Block series to help them learn the skills to soothe even the most delicate newborn.


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Breastfeeding support and resources
When babies are born prematurely, they often lack the ability to nurse and feed effectively. Our Certified Lactation Specialists and Counselors work in collaboration with Developmental Specialists to teach NICU babies and their mothers the strategies and skills needed to latch on and swallow.


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Neonatal play group
In the NICU, many babies' hospital stays can last several months. These tiny patients soon grow out of their isolettes and need opportunities for developmentally-appropriate play and growth like any other baby. To meet these unique needs, help support a special play group for the NICU that will rely on uniquely made play equipment.


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iPads for learning
The Get Well Network, Lurie Children's interactive patient care system, lets the hospital connect with each patient at a one-on-one level and educate families about their child's condition and treatment. Because the NICU rooms don't have televisions, funding is needed to purchase iPads and Get Well Network licenses so our NICU families have access to these important resources.


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Research to help babies with prenatally-diagnosed conditions
At Lurie Children's, we often can begin caring for patients even before birth. Our Institute of Fetal Health works closely with obstetricians, maternal-fetal physicians and pediatricians to care for more than 300 pregnant women a year. Advancements in this field are rapidly progressing and we are committed to remaining at the forefront of fetal care.


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Baby Care Connect
After birth, it is common for mothers to remain hospitalized while their babies receive treatment at Lurie Children's. Through Baby Care Connect, moms who are hospitalized are able to visit with their infants through live video, allowing them to participate in family-centered rounds and discussions with their baby's care team.