Fun for Kids

Lurie Children's ensures hospitalized kids can still be kids with the entertainment and distractions essential to our comprehensive healing process. Your generosity can provide children unique programs and specialized items to help reduce stress and have fun, even during isolation.




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Children's book
Storytime is an important part of the day for children, particularly those spending their time in the hospital. Books help offer a momentary sense of relief to children as they escape to magical lands and other imaginative places through stories.


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Arts and crafts supplies
Arts and crafts supplies are used widely throughout the hospital, for general activities in clinic waiting rooms, programs in our Family Life Center and special projects with our art therapists. For a hospitalized child, art projects not only help pass the time, but can make their hospital stay a more positive experience, giving them opportunities for creativity, engagement and self-expression.


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Holiday gift cards for families
Gift cards to local stores can help parents with financial needs still provide holiday celebrations for their families. Through our Partners with Parents program, your donation can help provide one family with the resources they need to make the holidays special for their children.


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Products for hospital salon
Volunteer hairstylists frequently come to cut and style our patients' and their families' hair in our salon and also at patient bedsides. Our salon also serves as a massage space for parents when professional massage therapists come to visit. Your gift can help ensure that the salon stays properly equipped for our patients and families.


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Video game
Video games have proven to be an effective pain management tool for children facing illness as well as a means of entertainment during a lengthy hospital stay.


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A birthday celebration
As a child, remember how much anticipation there was leading up to your birthday? From the presents to the celebrations with friends and family, there was so much excitement surrounding the day. You can make it just as special for a child spending their day in the hospital by helping to support all the necessities for a fun and memorable birthday celebration.


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At-home comforts
Simple decorations including wall art, bulletin boards or areas to display personal artifacts turn a sterile medical environment into a place of calm, comfort and healing. And when a child is comfortable, they can heal faster.


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Pain management/distraction tools
Doctors, nurses and child life specialists at Lurie Children's are skilled in the art of distraction to counteract fear and manage pain during hospital treatments and procedures. From bubble blowing and games to special rewards, these positive distractions help reduce the need for pain medication, alleviate stress and contribute to better outcomes for kids.


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Small gifts and prizes are always needed to help raise the spirits of a sick child, or to celebrate a birthday or holiday during a hospital stay. In addition, our closed-circuit, interactive television station, Skylight TV, hosts several in-house television game shows each week, adhering to the philosophy that "everybody's a winner," creating a daily demand for small prizes.


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Instrument for music therapy
The hospital setting can be a new, unfamiliar and sometimes frightening world for children. Lurie Children's understands these feelings and works to protect a child's physical and emotional health and well-being. Caregivers have seen how music therapy has shown to help children express feelings, minimize stress, alleviate pain and decrease recovery time.


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Skylight TV
Skylight TV is Lurie Children's very own in-house television station that broadcasts interactive, educational and artistic programs directly to the bedside. Favorites, including "Story Time with Dot" and "Body Parts Bingo," give children the opportunity to utilize their creative senses, have fun and participate in programs from the comfort of their rooms.


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Garden Play program
Nature has the ability to create a sense of calm, relaxation and peace. For Lurie Children's patients and families, it provides a much needed escape from hospitalization. During sessions of our hands-on Garden Play program, participants learn how to care for plants native to other countries and cultures.


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Pet therapy
When a child is hospitalized and separated from familiar surroundings, the distance from siblings, friends and even family pets can cause additional stress and interfere with healing. The loving affection from our pet therapy program canine friends instantly lifts the moods of our kids, creating a special moment of relief during challenging times.


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Comfort tools for patients with autism
A trip to the hospital can be especially stressful for a child with autism spectrum disorder. Our hospital's child life specialists work closely with these patients, using specially-designed sensory devices like noise-cancelling headphones or distraction techniques to help them prepare for medical procedures, cope with their illness and give voice to their feelings.


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Lurie Children's Prom Night
Every spring for one very special night, our high school-age patients who are unable to attend their own prom will be treated to a day of pampering and a night of fun and dancing. Your support will provide one teen with all of the elements needed to make this a night to remember including formalwear, silk corsages and more.