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Why We Walk 4 CMT

Photo- Dr. Robert Burgess

Dr. Robert Burgess

“The Burgess lab at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, ME is focused on CMT research, including CMTA-funded projects, to understand the disease and to develop treatments. It is great for us to be able to participate in events like the Peaks Island Walk4CMT to connect with the patient community and to support the CMTA.”

Photo- Laurie Branvold

Laurie Branvold

“I am involved with the walk because I want to make an impact on CMTA's work to improve outcomes for all those living with CMT. I see the day-to-day challenges that my daughter, Corinne, faces and want to do what I can to spread awareness in our Colorado communities, provide funds for the research and programs, and show her my support.”

Photo- Amoroso Family

The Amoroso Family

“We realized that we will never be alone in our CMT journey. Our family and friends will be there for us every step of the way, no matter what. “

Together We Raised: $290,046.00

Walk Goal: $300,000.00

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Top Locations

 Central New Jersey
 Washington DC
 Valley Forge, PA
 Boston, MA
 Denver, CO
PIttsburgh, PA
 Baltimore, MD
 Peaks Island, ME 

Top Teams

  1 -  Team Tao ($1,009.00)
  2 -  Team Los Angeles ($729.00)
  3 -  Walk4Chey ($604.00)
  4 -  Team Lynnie ($560.00)
  1 -  CMTitans-Tennessee Walk ($725.40)

Top Fundraisers

  1 -  Rising Star I made a gift! Audrey Lowe ($734.00)
  2 -  Walk 4 CMT Shirt I made a gift! Alani Price ($454.00)
  3 -  Walk 4 CMT Shirt Brandon Chow ($452.00)
  4 -  Walk 4 CMT Shirt Kat Doyle ($308.00)
  5 -  Walk 4 CMT Shirt SAM Laksman ($275.00)
  6 -  Walk 4 CMT Shirt I made a gift! Christopher Aust ($204.00)
  7 -  Walk 4 CMT Shirt Elianna Ballsmith ($125.00)
  8 -  Walk 4 CMT Shirt Katerina Ballsmith ($125.00)
  9 -  Walk 4 CMT Shirt I made a gift! Ariel Eskenazi ($100.00)
  10 -  Walk 4 CMT Shirt I made a gift! Tamara Purnell ($100.00)
  1 -  Rising Star I made a gift! Haley White ($725.40)
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