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Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s Business Directory

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s Business Directory is an opportunity for our community partners to join a list of services that would benefit our membership.

This agreement is between Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and the Provider wishing to have its business listed on Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s website (www.sciontario.org). Spinal Cord Injury Ontario establishes the terms and conditions for the Provider’s participation in Spinal Cord Injury Ontario's website Business Directory program.

There will also be a paper copy of the Business Directory inserted into our Community Magazine. The Directory will include all businesses in good standing at the time of print.

Your company listing is for a three year term at basic rate of $750 per year. The listing begins the day it appears on Spinal Cord Injury Ontario's website.


  • Basic: Company Name & 100 word company description ($750)
  • Upgrade 1: Add corporate logo (+ $150)
  • Upgrade 2: Add 150 words to company description (+ $100)
  • Upgrade 3: If all three above options are chosen, direct link to corporate website included. ($1,000 total payment)

Please note: Bi-annual revisions are available at no cost, after which a $25 admin fee will be charged. All rates are for a year with a three year commitment (payments can be made on a yearly basis).

If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Rodriguez, Database Administrator, at (416)422-5644 ext. 214 or by email at jenny.rodriguez@sciontario.org.

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