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Giving Tuesday

Help us ensure that no Ontarian has to re-use a catheter again.


Our Belief:

Every person who uses intermittent catheterization should be able to use a clean catheter each time they need one.

What’s the problem?

  • Intermittent catheters are not supposed to be reused but people do so all the time because they have no choice.
  • Catheters can cost over $4,000 per person, per year which many people simply cannot afford. 

Canada is one of the only first world countries that has no policies and use-guidelines that restrict the re-use of a catheter.

Who does intermittent catheterization?

An estimated 34,000 people in Canada do intermittent self-catheterization. Many people with spinal cord injuries use this technique.

What is intermittent catheterization?

The most commonly used technique for bladder management; intermittent catheterization involves the insertion of an intermittent catheter into the bladder via the urethra to drain the bladder of urine, and then the removal of the catheter when finished.

There needs to be changes to the catheterization policies and recommendations that ensure people do not risk their health by reusing single use catheters and can access the supplies they need.

How do we solve the problem?

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario is working with Health Quality Ontario to review the present practice standards and recommend changes.

Once they provide their recommendations, we will still need to continue to advocate provincially and nationally for affordable intermittent catheter use. 

It is not an easy fix. As a community, we will need to work together to have our government, implement a comprehensive  intermittent catheter coverage program. 

We need your help and support. 

Please donate to our advocacy efforts to ensure that every person who needs a clean catheter gets one.



Donations made to support the Giving Tuesday campaign will be matched up to a total of $11,000.

We wish to thank Hollister Limited for its donation of $5,000, PIA Law for its donation of $5,000 and Coloplast Canada for its donation of $1,000.

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