Fundraising Tips

Fundraising is fun, especially when it's to help patients who sustained spinal cord and traumatic brain injury!  Here are some tips to get the ball rolling:

1.  Familiarize yourself and use the participant center!

The participant center is your headquarters for everything fundraising. Here you can customize your fundraising page (add your story, why you're raising money for Craig, words of motivation for people to get involved and a picture or video), send communications about your efforts and track your goals and donors.  

2.  Donate!

Others are more inclined to give when they see that you're dedicated to the cause as well! Some of our fundraiser choose to motivate their friends with a challenge gift or match.  For example, give $10 for every $100 raised or say that you'll match a certain dollar amount given. 

3. Have some fun!

Issue a challenge, do something creative when someone gives or when you meet your goal. Do something personal and fun that will motivate people to give.  

4.  Spread the word.

Contact your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues with the opportunity to give.  Use email, social media and talk with people over the phone and in person.  Share why this is important to you and what your gift will do.  Did you know that fundraisers raise 40% more by using facebook, twitter and instagram?  Don't be shy--put your effort out there.  You never know who will want to get involved!

5.  Ask again.

Generally, it takes and average of three asks to result in a gift.  So, if someone hasn't given, ask again!  People want to know that this is important to you!  Some of our fundraisers choose to create a sense of urgency around giving, updating potential donors on goal progress and how much longer they have to raise the money.

6.  Say thank you.

At Craig Hosptial, we'll be sure to send your donor a thank you, but they likely gave because they care about you and what's important to you!  Be sure to say thank you! Send a note, give a shoutout on facebook, send a video of you saying thank you, give them a call. Thank them in a way that's meaningful to them and shows your gratitude for their support.  Be sure that, if someone asks to remain anonymous, that you honor that on public forums like social media.

7.  Send a wrap up email.

When you're done raising money, report back to your donors on the results. They'll want to know how much you raised and the impact of their gift. If you need ideas, feel free to contact us!

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