About Craig Hospital

Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado is one of the most established rehabilitation hospitals in the world. Our patient outcomes are some of the best in the field of rehabilitative medicine. Craig Hospital is a private, non-profit, free-standing hospital licensed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and is accredited by the Joint Commission.

Craig Hospital Patients

Over the past five decades Craig Hospital has helped more than 31,000 patients with spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. Each year, Craig Hospital treats an average of 500 inpatients, and 1,400 outpatients. One of the most important benefits of Craig Hospital is the opportunity for patients with similar ages, backgrounds, and injuries to teach, encourage, and support one another. At any given time, there are approximately 50-55 inpatients with spinal cord injury, 25-30 with traumatic brain injury.

Rehabilitation at Craig Hospital

  • Craig provides a highly individualized and personal approach to treatment, focusing on the patient's physical, cognitive, and psychological well-being. Craig sets high expectations for patient participation in therapy and helps patients set their own high expectations.
  • Patients typically stay in the inpatient program two to four months. Length of stay is individualized based on diagnosis, severity of injury, rate of progress, and possible complications.
  • Each patient and family has a consistent interdisciplinary treatment team of professionals that includes: the physician, nurses, physical therapist, occupational therapist, patient and family service counselor, therapeutic recreation specialist, psychologist, pharmacist, chaplain, dietitian, pharmacist, and when necessary, speech and language pathologist, neuropsychologist, respiratory therapist, and others. The team meets regularly with the patient and family to set goals, develop treatment plans, review progress, and coordinate services needed at home following discharge.
  • Craig Hospital therapists regularly take patients into the community and the mountains for valuable, real-life learning experiences, such as navigating streets, rough terrain, and public buildings, and interacting with the public, etc. 

Patient Outcomes

  • On average, Craig graduates are more independent when they are discharged; functionally make greater gains during their initial treatment, are discharged home at higher rates, are more functionally independent and require less attendant care and have fewer re-hospitalizations than other rehab facilities.
  • Return to work and school averages exceed the averages of other rehabilitation programs across the country. A higher rate  of return to work and school results in greater productivity, greater contribution to the economy, decreased burden on taxpayers and welfare programs and greater patient  satisfaction with life.

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