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Unmet DRS Needs Assessment

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The Gift of Unmet Needs Assessment

When floods, fires, tornadoes and other disasters disrupt people's lives. It's not just bricks and mortar, living rooms and bathrooms, and roofs and walls that are destroyed. Ideally, homes are places where find shelter, refreshment, safety, and community. Home is the space that orient us; it's the place to which we hope to return. When homes are destroyed, people experience a profound sense of disorientation. No longer can they return to the comforting rhythms and rituals that their homes provided. No longer can they take pleasure in their possessions and the memories associated with them.

World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) responds with the mercy and love of Christ when people lose their homes because of natural disasters. Though DRS provides for recovery work - hand tools for each job site, volunteer help to remove debris and muck out houses, and necessary supplied and labor tore build homes - it also offers assistance for people's emotional and spiritual needs. Trained volunteer assess the needs of disaster survivors, connect them to resources, and provide a listening ear.

When hurricanes Florence and Michael destroyed homes, workplaces, churches, and schools, many families in the United States suffered unimaginable losses. Their lives willl never be the same.

Thank you for your gift of a needs asesssment for a disaster survivor. Your gift reflects the love and compassion of Jesus. He knows the grief, pain and loss experienced by disaster survivors and answers their pleas for help.

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