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Truth-Centered Training

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The Gift of Truth-Centered Training

Truth-Centered Training is an effective tool that helps Christians understand how the Bible applies to every area of life: how to counteract Satan’s lies and accept God’s truth about ourselves and His creation; and how to care for our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Foundational to the training is the truth that community transformation is ultimately achieved by depending on God’s intervention as Christians seek to live in daily obedience to Him.

When the Msufini Church in Tanzania began truth-centered training, the congregation was not making an effort to serve and love people in their community. The evangelists spent Sundays and weekdays praying and preaching, but they failed to notice or address the needs of people around them.

With truth-centered training, the Msufini church changed. The members had a deeper understanding of God’s love and started to care for their neighbors’ needs—and people in the community noticed! Some were no longer attending church, but were encouraged by what they witnessed and started coming again. Some came for the first time, including a Muslim woman who was moved to join because of the care she received. A community member commented, “We are truly seeing God in the way this church is concerned with the community.

”Thank you for your gift of truth-centered training! It reflects the nurturing grace of our God and Savior. He teaches the value of training in godliness and the need to demonstrate our faith through acts of service for the benefit of all people.

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