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The Gift of a Wheelchair

In Nigeria, many people with disabilities don’t have access to health care, education, or employment opportunities. They don’t receive the services they need to function—and flourish—in their lives or communities. People who are unable to walk have to get around by crawling and they are often excluded from everyday activities. But when a person receives a wheelchair, his or her life is radically improved!

To help people in Nigeria who live with disabilities, World Renew partners with The Beautiful Gate Handicapped People Center. The center has made a tremendous difference on many levels among people living with disabilities. Wheelchairs and other disability aids, such as artificial limbs, crutches, walkers, and canes have been distributed to meet the needs of disabled people. These devices give them the ability to engage in the process of rehabilitation and to become more resilient to meet their everyday challenges. The center has also helps to build bridges between religious groups in the communities where it works because it offers its services to all people with disabilities in the name of Jesus.

Saraya John is one person who benefits from the gift of a wheelchair. Her mobility device is actually a tricycle. It helps her to move around independently. Now she’s able to attend classes, worship services at her church, and other social functions—something that was difficult, if not impossible, for her to do in the past. Saraya testifies to the good work of World Renew and Beautiful Gate and she recommends the ministries to others.

Thank you for your gift of a wheelchair to people like Saraya. Your gift reflects Jesus’ compassion and desire for the renewal in people’s lives. Just as Jesus restored lame, sick, and blind people to participation in their communities, so your gift is giving people with disabilities the ability to actively participate in work and community life.

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