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Whole Barnyard

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The Gift of a Whole Backyard

For subsistence farmers, owning animals can make the difference between barely surviving and having sufficient food and income year ‘round. Cows, goats, pigs, ducks, and chickens contribute milk, eggs, meat, and manure to farmers’ diets, income, and land, facilitating their economic and physical wellbeing. World Renew and its Christian partners help farmers acquire animals and provide training about keeping them healthy.

In Bangladesh, Salma Khatun and her family have benefited from raising poultry and taking classes about how to raise them. Until recently, their single source of income was from her husband’s wages as a laborer—insufficient to cover their basic needs. Salma and her husband worked together to raise the ducks and chickens, and they experienced good results. Today, Salma and her family are thriving as they enjoy the nutritional benefits of eggs and meat, and earn income by selling extra eggs.

Thank you for your gift of animals to farmers like Salma. Your generous gift mirrors the compassion and kindness of Jesus, Who cared for hungry people and fed them.

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