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Youth Camp

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The Gift of a Youth Camp

In Cambodia, half of the population is less than 25 years old and many youth lack access to formal education, especially in rural areas. Adults who don’t attend school don’t get the opportunity to learn the critical and analytical thinking skills, study skills, work habits, and life skills they need to live productive, fulfilling lives or contribute to their community.

World Renew and a Cambodian Christian partner offer youth clubs in rural areas to address this situation. In the clubs, young people learn to ask good questions about their lives, their communities, and the world. They also learn how to identify problems and seek solutions. The ultimate goal of these clubs is for young people to experience personal transformation and then to become agents of change among those they influence. Each year, some of the youth who attend the clubs also attend a youth camp with other youth from clubs throughout the country. Together, they talk about issues in their personal lives and communities. Then, using the critical thinking skills and other knowledge they’ve gained in their clubs, they design and implement projects and solutions to address the issues in their communities.

Dara Mon Chun is a young person who benefited from going to youth camp. Dara said, “By joining youth club and attending a youth camp, I changed my bad behavior and improved my habits by reading books, doing homework, studying in youth club with other classmates, participating in community work, building good relationships with friends, and listening to my parents’ advice.”

Thank you for your gift of youth camp for young people like Dara Mon Chun! Your gift sends the message of God’s love and hope to Cambodian youth, and influences future generations.

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