Please oppose SB 681, which allows 80% to 125% interest rate loans

Coalition Supporters,

Senator Rick Gunn (R, Alamance, Randolph) introduced a bill, Senate Bill 681, to double and in some cases triple the interest rates on consumer installment loans. Current law caps the annual percentage rate on these loans at around 40% APR (30% interest and a small origination fee). This bill allows APRs as high as 80% to 125%, which will trap families in debt.

With the crossover deadline rapidly approaching, we expect quick action to move the bill. Please help stop this bill by acting today.

Our Coalition has spent over 14 years getting high-cost, debt trap lenders out of our state and keeping them out. Please act today to keep predatory lenders out of North Carolina.

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  1. We oppose 80% to 125% annual interest rate loans.
  2. Vote NO on SB 681.
  3. We spent years getting predatory lenders out of our state. Do not let them back in.


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Please Oppose SB 681 Which Allows 80% to 125% Interest Rate Loans

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am extremely concerned about Senate Bill 681. This bill doubles and in some cases triples the interest rates on consumer installment loans in North Carolina, allowing loans as high as 80% to 125% annual interest. These loans will trap families in high-cost debt.

Please keep predatory lenders out of North Carolina by opposing SB 681.

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