PDC: LA State Historic Park - High Speed Rail

In the near future, numerous Draft Environmental Impact Report will be released and CSPF strongly encourages checking back to see how you can take action. In the meantime, the HSRA is holding public meetings throughout the state regarding the specific sections.


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Protect Los Angeles State Historic Park

Dear Chief Executive Officer van Ark,

I am writing to urge the California High Speed Rail Authority to avoid impacts to California's state parks while planning for a massive, statewide high speed train system. In particular, I am concerned about impacts to Rio de Los Angeles State Park and Los Angeles State Historic Park.

As currently proposed, the impacts of the alternatives proposed for the Palmdale-Los Angeles route create significant impediments to the use and enjoyment of these parks. Proposing to use cut and cover through the heart of Los Angeles State Historic Park will cause long-term disruption to the use of the park and destroy invaluable archeological resources that cannot be relocated. Locating a trench in the San Fernando Road Alignment alternative takes the entire east edge of Rio de Los Angeles State Park, and will severely impact parking, access to the park, and athletic activities on sports fields.

Visitors to state parks, even in urban environments, are entitled to an experience that recreates historic atmospheres, provides a refuge from urban life, and creates a connection with biological and cultural resources. It is critical that the proposed impacts to Los Angeles SHP and Rio de Los Angeles State Park be avoided in the planning and design of the Palmdale-Los Angeles route for the state's high speed rail system.

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