Ooze Tube


Slow-release Watering Bag


Slow-release watering bags are a great way to ensure your newly planted tree gets the recommended 25 gallons of water per week. Fill this Ooze Tube bag up once a week with a hose or bucket and walk away. Water slowly emits from the two to three small holes you puncture at the base of the bag. Made of durable plastic, the bags are quick and easy to install and use. You save time, money and a life – your trees!


Please note that bags are available only for pickup from our office during normal business hours. We cannot ship bags. Our address is 3030 12th Street NE. When you order, please bring a copy of your receipt (digital email receipt or printout).


Contact us at friends@caseytrees.org or by phone at 202.833.4010 if you have any questions.

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