Demand that Guess and Polo's trucking carrier treat their American workers like they do in Australia - fairly!

L.A. Toll Group’s drivers didn’t ask for anything extraordinary or unreasonable from the $8.3 billion company. All they simply asked for was a safe and humane workplace, a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work, and the right the be recognized as a union. That’s what Toll provides its Australian workers after all. But the pleas were too much for the Melbourne- based company that recently posted a rising profit of a quarter of a billion dollars.

Soon after drivers began to protest their Third-World working conditions, the global logistics giant pink-slipped 1/3 of its Southern California truck drivers, dubbed by the media as “the Toll 26.” Despite the blow, the workers have not relented. Along with their labor, community and clergy allies, they’ve successfully pressured management to rehire 15 employees of the 26, but they’re not resting until all their co-workers are back behind the wheel.

This week, eleven drivers are at risk of losing their livelihoods for good if Toll Group does not abandon a new and arbitrary 90-day deadline for recall. Toll’s executives are now formally being accused of using the move as anti-union retaliation, but to ensure these drivers get a fair shake, the company needs to feel our collective voices of outrage to do right by its workers.

Take action below to help put our hard-working American port drivers back behind the wheel!

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Toll Group Management, 

As a foreign employer, do you really think it's alright to treat American workers like second-class citizens and make them suffer under third-world working conditions? Shame on you. The hard-working men and women in Los Angeles who've made your company prosperous aren't asking for anything extraordinary or unreasonable.

Toll's U.S. workers deserve the same dignity and respect as your unionized Australian employees.

I urge you to drop the new and arbitrary 90-day recall deadline just as easily as you manufactured it. Make a public commitment to your 11 unemployed workers that when work picks up, they will be your first phone call. Experienced drivers would certainly serve Toll's customers like Guess! and Polo better. They would feel more at ease without disruption in their supply chain so why are you creating a revolving door, rather than promising reliable service?

We will not stand by passively and watch these attacks on the men and women that move this economy. Abandon the low road and allow your American workers the same basic fairness, respect, and dignity afforded to your Australian employees.

We are all watching, and letting you know the drivers are not alone.

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