2021 Northern Virginia CureSearch Walk

Team Clairebear- Northern Virginia Walk 2020
Team Clairebear- Northern Virginia Walk 2020

Team Clairebear

It is (hopefully) no surprise that Team Clairebear is back for its 9th year at the Northern Virginia CureSearch Walk.  The Jumper/Braziel family is very passionate about supporting fundraising for childhood cancer research.  As we continue to celebrate Claire's success as a cancer warrior & survivor, it is very present in our minds what she had to endure to treat her neuroblastoma.

Cancer research for children is vastly underfunded and makes up less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute's annual research budget.  Over 43 children will be diagnosed with cancer every day in the US and over 2500 will die every year. Because these numbers are small compared to other (adult) cancers, childhood cancer research is not a priority to the overall research budget.  Try telling that to the parent of a child with cancer.  Claire was treated with a chemotherapy regimen that is over 20 years old, while other cancer (adult) research is making breakthroughs with immunotherapy that stimulates the body's own immune system to fight the cancer.  While Claire may face side effects of the chemotherapy that could impact her future health, it is possible that a child diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 5 years could be treated without chemo (which is, essentially, poison).  But, I use the word COULD.  Let's make a difference so that advanced research gets funded, newer therapies are discovered, and children are treated, they LIVE, and they live full, healthy, happy lives. 

Please walk with us or donate.  Claire is lucky, but as of today, there are 43 more Claires.  And there will be 43 more Claires tomorrow. And of those 43 every-day Claires, 12 Claires will die.  30 will have long-term side effects, health problems, and chronic illness from their chemo.  Let's try our best to prevent that.  Let's do what we can.  Come join team Clairebear! 


We walk in honor of Claire's angels

Ruhiana "Rue" Riley (July 12, 2012-June 5, 2014)

Kaitlin "Katie" Kress (August 14, 2001-October 10, 2014)

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