In a recent confirmation hearing, in response to direct questions about returning to policies of torture, CIA Director Mike Pompeo replied “Absolutely not.” His response echoed those given by fellow cabinet nominees who were pointedly questioned about the use of torture. All of them promised to follow the law. The American people must be vigilant in holding them to that.

Last year a bipartisan group of more than 100 senior-level leaders in the national security, foreign policy, military and faith sectors signed CVT’s Call to Reject Torture, opposing torture unequivocally. 

And before that, in a show of overwhelming bipartisan support, the McCain-Feinstein anti-torture amendment passed the Senate in November 2015 by a vote of 78-21. The critical measures in this amendment help to safeguard against any future torture program being authorized again. 

The U.S. must reject torture and any attempts to resurrect it. We must take steps now to prevent a return to the shameful mistakes of our past. I urge you to be the leader we need right now. Please speak out against torture and affirm that it is illegal, immoral and ineffective.


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