Support Survivors of Torture!

Support Survivors of Torture: Increase Funding for Rehabilitative Care

Every day, persecution, torture and violence are forcing more and more people to flee their homes. By the end of 2022, more than 103 million individuals were displaced, and the numbers keep growing as a result of crises across the globe.

CVT’s research shows that as many as 44% of refugees and asylum seekers living in the United States have survived torture. Survivors come from many countries; they are activists, doctors, entrepreneurs, farmers, parents – of all ages and gender identities.

We all deserve a life free from torture. And those who have survived it have the right to rehabilitation.

Torture rehabilitation addresses a survivor’s physical, psychological, legal and social needs so they can rebuild their lives as quickly as possible. Every year, Congress sets the amount of funding for torture rehabilitation in the United States, and it is not nearly enough.

This year, as the global displacement crisis expands, Congress must increase funding so more survivors fleeing violence and persecution have access to care. Healing is possible.

It’s time to do better.


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Support Survivors of Torture: Increase Funding for Rehabilitative Care

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