Stop the Gettysburg Casino


  • Representative Mike Turzai
  • Senator Dominic F. Pileggi
  • Governor Thomas 'Tom' Corbett
  • Representative Frank Dermody
  • Representative Samuel 'Sam' H. Smith
  • Senator Jay Costa Jr.


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Don't Gamble with Gettysburg

Dear [Decision Maker],

I agree with thousands of Pennsylvania voters and scores of citizens across the United States: Locating and marketing a casino one half mile from the Gettysburg battlefield unavoidably conflicts with the essential meaning of this place in American history.

I, and thousands of others, believe that the construction of a casino so close to Gettysburg National Military Park is inappropriate and ill-advised. Building at the proposed site would forever alter the nature of the battlefield and undermine the visitor's experience for future generations.

Gettysburg is one of the most popular destinations for families, students, and tourists throughout Pennsylvania and the United States. Jeopardizing the integrity of this historic site for a risky business venture is not the solution to Pennsylvania's economic problems. We need good, stable jobs that will employ Adams County residents for many years to come. Building a casino so close to hallowed ground is a gamble we cannot afford.

I urge you to oppose the proposed casino in Adams County and defend our nation's most hallowed ground.

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