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Knights Table is a charitable organization offering social supports, food bank, and hot meals 365 days of the year to vulnerable individuals and families impacted by hunger, poverty & homelessness in Peel. Founded in 1990, Knights Table has evolved into a vital community resource with a mission to help alleviate hunger in the Peel region to people regardless of colour, culture, religion, economic status, gender, sexual orientation or social condition. Poverty is a serious problem in Peel touching 1 in 5 children. Forty percent of our service users are children under the age of ten. In the past year, 15,086 individuals and families came through our doors for help. Knights Table is indebted to the generous support from our donors and volunteers. Our committed volunteer base of 2,307 donated 41,507 hours and assisted in preparing and serving 79,921 hot nutritious meals and distributed 720,170 lbs of donated food to support individuals and families living in poverty in Peel. Please visit us at www.knightstable.org.

"You expect to see impoverishment, despair and disheartened souls. Instead, you find laughter, gratitude and empowerment; and this after a single hot meal. I can now imagine a community without hunger. Here, at the Knights Table, there is hope."~ Victoria Kaye, Editor Enrich Magazine 





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