Arnie's Apocalypse





 My name is Carrie Rogers. 


February 2012 I learned I had a possible brain tumor. 


I was suggested that May to have a biopsy but my neurosurgeon, Dr. Peter Grossi let me wait it out. 

I called him because my gut was saying I needed my MRI moved up. 

In December 2012 I had my MRI and left with a biopsy scheduled for January 21, 2013.  

There is always a 10-20% chance that the biopsy would have no answers. 

February 7, 2013 I got an answer. 

A Grade 2 Well-Differeniated Astrocytoma. 


On March 13, 2013 I had it resected.

On April 8,2013 I went to The Brain Tumor Center and met with

my Neuro-oncologist Dr. Desjardin and quite a few other people there too.

2013 was a supremely interesting year for sure.

Arnie's roots are stable and not changing,

I could not ask for more!




2014 was even better!  My path so far has been smooth. 




As of January 2015, I get to visit The Wonderful Brain Tumor Clinic every 6 months !

All the people we have met at Duke are truly amazing

and we are so blessed to be this close to a phenomenal facility.



Could you help make sureI continue kicking Arnie to the curb? 

I will kick him as many times as I need to. 

Donations made to this event helps maintain the research and trials

they professionals at Duke are doing. 

Thanks for helping out!

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