Jason Guy

My beautiful wife Clara was fighting for her life back in 2012 and 2013, when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor on the day that our youngest child was born. Through all of the treatments, it was inspiring to see her tenacity. She is determined to beat the Glioblastoma, and she is now cancer free for a few years. The amazing team of scientists that engineered the immunotherapy that helped Clara beat the statistics, need support to continue making these scientific advances!  

The Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke is working hard to cure brain cancer, and the technology is being used for other types of cancer as well. Being an engineer, it is difficult to see a problem that I cannot do anything to fix; but these people have found a way. The Angels Among Us event is a great way to fund the facinating research Duke is doing to cure cancer using the human body's one functions.

Cancer does not discriminate. It appears in a person and wreaks havoc. Untimately it will directly, or indirectly, affect every one of us. Your donation's will help to drive the research that will lead to a cure.

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