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Here is my story:

It was a Monday in May, 2013, and I had a terrible headache - and I never get headaches.  Those of you who know me know that I don't call in sick or go home sick unless I am going to the doctor's office or urgent care, but I was almost ready to leave work. I was having problems focusing on the words on the computer.  I had the font size as large as it would go and the words were still blurry.  The headache went away that night but the blurred vision didn't and 4 days later, my mom convinced me to call my primary care physician.  She sent me for a CT scan and to an ophthalmologist that same afternoon.  Before I could get out of the ophthalmologist office, my PCP was calling my cell telling me that I had a tumor. That is the absolute last thing that I ever expected to hear. Wow. The next day I spoke with my PCP’s nurse and she asked if I had a preference on who I wanted to do my surgery and I immediately told her that I wanted Dr. Allan Friedman!  I was shocked when I was able to get an appointment with him the following Tuesday. They immediately sent me for a MRI and a visual fields test before my appointment with Dr. Friedman.  When I did meet with him, he was very polite and of course knowledgeable of what was going on.  He explained that the tumor was pressing on my optic nerves and that is why I was having blurred vision. They were going to take the tumor out through my nose! Ugh. I was scheduled for surgery the following Monday but had to be admitted into the hospital on Sunday for a dose of IV steroids. Seemed like Monday was the longest day in the world!  The next day after surgery, the attending surgeon came in and took the tubes out of my nose.  I wish you could have seen the look on Larry’s face.  It was priceless - it made me laugh!  Then it was finally time to go home. I definitely couldn’t have gotten through all of this without the help and support of all of my family and friends!

Praise God that the tumor was benign,  There is a 35% chance that it will grow back so I have to have a MRI and see Dr. Friedman yearly to be sure everything is okay.

Dr. Allan Friedman and Duke University Medical Center took excellent care of me from diagnosis through recovery.

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