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Hello Dear Friends,
As most of you know Sandy and I are on the Robert Trish Brain Tumor Advisory Board at Duke. You probably also know that both our fathers died of glioblastoma brain tumors, a very rare but deadly brain tumor. We chose to help Duke and the brain tumor program by setting up an endowment in the names of our dads, Frank Grolimund and Joseph Costa.
Every year they sponsor a race called Angels Among Us. It's not as large as some races but it is an integral part of raising money to help fight this devastating disease. I'm sure you know someone who is or has dealt with a brain tumor. The brain tumor program at Duke is the best in the world. Where the diagnosis of a glioblastoma was once a death sentence, because of Duke's amazing team, it is now a diagnosis that finally has the word "hope" attached to it.
Again this year, Sandy and I have formed a team and we are writing to you with an invitation to join us.
The Angels Among Us Race is Saturday, April 28th, 2018
Attached is additional information and the race registration. Please consider joining us either in person or virtually. Thank you.

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