Leanna's Angels Among Us 5K Challenge

I am walking in memory of Al Parente, my cousin Sarah's husband, who died of glioblastoma on my birthday nearly 15 years ago.  Al & Sarah were still newlyweds when he was diagnosed, and his life ended far, far too early. 

This is my first 5K in more than a year as I have continued to recover from my own neurological illness five years ago.  A relapse in winter 2018 derailed my plan to walk 50K in my 50th year, but I am back in the hunt now!  Many thanks to my most excellent Fleet Feet training team; you guys are the best!

Our brains are beautiful and complex organs -- and vulnerable and still largely not understood well.  I welcome your prayers for continued good health and any financial support you can give to the Duke Cancer Center as I walk the Angels Among Us 5K on Saturday, April 27, 2019 will be appreciated.

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