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Mind Over Matter



Mission Statement/(Paragraph!)

The Mind Over Matter team is 100% supportive of the critical work being conducted by the amazing and world leading team at the Duke Brain Tumor Center.  We understand how vital their current research is to countless people in the United States and around the world.  We are committed to raising awareness of the wonderful work the Duke team is conducting to find cures for dreadful brain tumors.  We are also committed to raising funds that will assist the research projects that will lead to solutions and positive outcomes for brain cancer fighters. 


What You Can Do!

We all know persons, whether friends, family members, teammates, coworkers (or self), who are personally in this fight against brain cancer. Please join the Mind Over Matter team in supporting the human side in the war with cancer.  Duke has made tremendous gains in identifying new and productive weapons that are and will be game changers in the war.  Any financial support given to Angels Among Us is a tax deductable charitable donation and will directly benefit the leading Duke Brain Tumor Center team and assist their production and perfection of the weapons that will beat brain cancer.  Join with us!  You can click the below link labled Join Team to join the Mind Over Matter team (its toward the bottom of this team page..).  You can also click the link to the right and top of this page -----> --^ Donate to Mind Over Matter! Thirdly, you can send your friends, family and people you dont even know the link to our team page  Send the link through Email, Facebook, Twitter, USMail, Telagram (Any Way is Ok!) 

Example of Duke Beating Brain Cancer

The link below is one example of the leading research accomplished and still being pushed forward by the Duke Brain Tumor Center team.  This effort has already positively impacted many lives.  Duke is a leader in brain cancer treatments such as Immunotherapy which teaches the body to recognize cancer cells (so the immune system can destroy the cancer!) This is how cancer will be defeated.  The below link tells the story of Duke's Polio Virus vaccine - and the great story of how a wonderful person and friend, Stephanie Lipscomb, was saved.  The Polio Vaccine is only one example of the many treatments being developed and tested by the Duke team.

Thank You!

Our Mind Over Matter team had great first month of action in the 2015-16 charity season. With a full season in 2016-17, we have bigger goals and we are greatly looking forward to continuing to be a part of the great Duke and Angles Among Us Mission.  Thank you to all team members, donators and participants.  We are very proud to be friends and family to every one of you and we very much look forward to continued work together with you on the Mind Over Matter team!

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