Welcome to My Personal Page

 My story began February 2007 when I got into a car accident. I was told at the hospital that I was being prepared for brain surgery my options were leave the tumor in and biopsy or take the whole thing out so we took the whole thing out. Then six months later I started having grand mal seizures. Numerous doctors couldn’t tell me why they just kept telling me residual. Well I’m not a doctor what does residual mean? Finally I got the answer I needed residual means there’s still tumor left inside.  I was then being prepared for surgery October 2008 to remove the residual no more seizures after that. Every three months I was being checked on by MRI until about 2014  which it started growing back. I am now being seen at Duke and they have begun Different treatments.  First it was a year of pill form of chemo along with the first six weeks of  radiation. They then advance to putting me on a clinical trial. My body was still allowing the tumor to grow and my blood counts were not stable so they switched me to a different pill form of chemo. This chemo did more harm on my bodyAnd they couldn’t keep my blood platelets up. So the plan was to start on a bad form of chemo along with the clinical trial drug and that’s where I am right now.

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