Angels Among Us 2019

Our Angel Among Us
Our Angel Among Us


This is the year...the year we come that much closer to a cure.  A cure for a disease that knows no strangers.  A disease that will affect all of us in our lifetime.  Some of us have already been affected.  This year we walk for those that can't,  This year we walk for the families in search HOPE.  This year we walk for Tom, who so courageously fought a battle that could never be won.  Tom did not realize that his strength and courage had such an influence on those that knew him.  His strength and courage will follow through to the next individual that will follow in his steps at The Preston Roberts Tisch Brain Tumor Center.

This year we walk for more birthdays, Father's Days, Mother's Days, Holidays and just more days.  Time is precious in the WAR against cancer.  Please join our team and be a part of something great!  The Doctors, Nurses and Scientists are doing big things, when they do find the cure, wouldn't it be grand to know you were a part of it.

I cannot thank everyone enough for their genoerous donations already.  For every dollar we raise over last year a private donor will match it.  This year we are shooting for $10k.  Making it a total of $20k to Brain Cancer Research. 

This year we walk with new and current survivors, new and current caregivers...but most of all we will walk with Tom, he is now an Angel Among Us.

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