Angels Among Us 2019

2016 Team Photo
2016 Team Photo


We lost our Precious Nan this year.  This will be the first Angels Among Us that we run in her memory.   What we do still matters even though it will not benefit my mom.  I remember when she was first diagnosed she was willing to enter every trial/study Duke was doing she said "if it would help someone else down the line who had her same diagnosis".  She was so selfless and caring.  She battled her cancer like a champ, and we are so proud of her.  She continued to live her life and enjoy the people around her and she was not afraid of dying.  I learned so much from her as she faced hardship and pain.  

My dad stood by her side til the end.  He took amazing care of her and their love was put on display for anyone who entered our home as he cared for her with nothing in return.  They truly lived out their wedding vows.  As a daughter, I am so honored to have watched that kind of love and pray that my marriage will by characterized by that kind of selflessness and courage.  It takes courage to watch someone you love battle cancer.  My dad would never let me post something like this about him because he doesn't want any praise or glory (another evidence of his deep love for my mom).  He didn't do it for the praise...he did it because that was the love of his life.  Dad, thank you for caring for my mom the way you did!

Friends and family, thank you for being by all of our sides through this whole journey.  People brought meals, mailed cards, prayed with us and listened to us.  From the moment mom was diagnosed friends and family have not ceased to ask "how can I help?"  I cannot imagine this journey without you all.  And it stretches from Asheville to Charleston to Durham and further.  We are grateful!  We would love the opportunity to run this race with you, continue to raise awareness for brain cancer, and show our appreciation afterwards!  The way our family and friends responded to mom's journey and walked with us will forever change the way I view helping people in a time of need.  Something as simple as acknowledging our situation went a very long way.  We hope to see you on April 27!

Margaret Beadle, Nan May's daughter and Team Hope4Nan Captain

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