Angels Among Us 2019

2016 Team Photo
2016 Team Photo


5 years! It has been 5 years since our mom was diagnosed with a deadly brain cancer. 5 years since the world as we knew it seemed to turn on us. 5 years since we were told the woman who raised us was most likely going to be defeated by this awful disease in less than a year. But it's been 5 years! The gift of 4+ more years than we thought we had. The gifts of her being able to attend all of her children's weddings. The gifts of being able to meet 4 more grandbabies. The gift of walking alongside our dad in marriage 5 more years. And so many more gifts.

We are thankful. Thankful for the time that was not promised to us that we have gotten to enjoy. Thankful that she has received some of the best care in the world at Duke where they are using funds to develop new ways to treat brain cancer. Thankful for how this seemingly hopeless situation has brought so much hope to our family and knitted us even closer together.

We thank God for these 5 years! For the minds he created that are doing this ground-breaking reserach. For the friends and family that financially and prayerfully support their efforts.

These 5 years have not been a walk in the park. Mom has had several set backs, but each time, she has regained her strength and battled the effects of her cancer. The fundraising from Angels Among Us year after year has allowed Mom to receive such great care, strength, and has truly given our family hope that a cure can be found. This disease has impacted our family in a way that leaves us wanting to do all we can to raise awareness for these patients and the need for cures.

Not only is this event an incredible fundraising opportunity, but it is one of the most encouraging events I've attended. To see all the survivors and their support teams. To see how that stage of survivors gets bigger each year. To see the family and friends of those who have lost their battle to brain cancer. It is so encouraging to be surounded by people who understand and also believe that there is a cure.

We hope you are able to attend the 25 annual Angels Among Us Saturday April 28, 2018!

Margaret Beadle, Nan May's daughter and Team Hope4Nan Captain

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