Angels Among Us 2019

The Brainstormers

"The Brainstormers" team will be participating in Angels Among Us for the fifth year to again include new friends met along the way in this journey.  This year the team will be participating in honor of Stacie Phillips, Ben Fishman and Valerie Moore.  Stacie met Ben while rock climbing in Colorado in 2017 (though they unknowingly shared the stage at Angels Among Us in 2017 as well).  Stacie and Valerie's husband, Reuben have been professional colleagues for years and serve together on the board of directors of a professional society, NCSITE, of which Stacie was the  2018 President.

Stacie was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in 2014 and then had a reoccurence of GBM in 2017.  After two successful surgeries, radiation and ongoing chemotherapy, Stacie and her family are looking forward to a fifth year at Angels Among Us.  This past year Stacie took a 26 mile hike in the  Spring to raise funds for Make A Wish and another trip rock climbing in Colorado.   At Duke, there really is HOPE!

Ben was diagnosed with GBM in 2014 and ran his first 5K at last year's Angels Among Us. He met Stacie last August while rock climbing in Colorado in a program for young adult cancer survivors through First Descents. That was the second most challenging/exciting thing that happened to him.  Ben's daughter, Mira Belle, was born in December of 2017  

Valerie Moore was driving from Sylva to Raleigh February 2, 2018 with a headache she'd had for several days when, quite suddenly, she started to go blind. She waited in the parking lot of a Hickory restaurant along I-40 for her husband, Reuben, to drive from Raleigh to pick her up.  The next night in a Raleigh emergency room they were told words that no one ever expcts to hear: brain tumor.  Valerie has four grown children and four grandchildren and already this disease has brought all four grandchildren together to play, and helped heal relationships among the six adults.  We believe that everything has a purpose and while we would never choose to have this, already good things are coming from it.  We will fight with all we have to keep the cancer at bay and live with this.  Val is also a hallf-marathon runner, a rock climber, a bicyclist and a workout fanatic.  Among other things, Val is an Overcomer.

Join Stacie, Ben and Valerie along with their family and friends on Saturday, April 27, 2019 and help support the fight against Brain Cancer.  

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  Ben Fishman & family                                          Valerie Moore

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