Angels Among Us 2019


Our family has been on a journey with Duke and the Brain Cancer Center since 2010. Shannon is our light and is strong and resilient. Please join us for the 5k or consider donating to our team. 


Brief Update from my Dad: 

It is with some disappointment that I find myself compelled to offer a quick update on our Shannon and her journey with cancer. As most will recall Shannon enrolled into a clinical trial in March of last year and completed treatment in January. Life had returned to near "normal" as Shannon was even able to run the Cooper River 10K Bridge Run in April. Her hair transplant worked well, her fitness level was high and she looked as good as ever heading into this summer. Alas, it appears that these are the times that Romut decides to rear his ugly face and last week was no different as, for the first time, Shannon experienced actual symptoms related to her cancer. We spent the past two days at Duke mapping out a treatment strategy that will likely include another clinical trial. We're all still a bit numb from the news so I will end this update a bit short. It's still a bit tough to consider the image of our 10 y/o Landen as he found out the news on Sunday night. It's as close as I have ever come to feeling my heart break and we'll all need a few days to get our feet under us. 

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